The purpose of this article is to take you through the pros and coins of Help Desk Softwares. We shall show you the list of the top rated help desk software and how to either start a free plan or buy the software.

All you need to improve your business, maintain and keep your customer is a good customer service management. This is why this article is important.

However, without a good and powerful Helpdesk or customer service management software, this idea cannot be realized.

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Meaning of Help Desk Softwares | Brief Overview

Help desk software refers to a computer program that helps customer care representatives or personnel to keep track of user requests, complains, and satisfaction. Additionally, It also helps companies or business to deal with other customer-care-related issues. Help desk software is what makes customer service efficient and productive.

Help desk software automates customer services in many ways. First, the software mainly consists of a minimum of three parts. These three parts include the following:

Help desk software certainly maintains a point of contact for customers to send their questions and a ticketing system that keeps tracks these queries for faster resolution.

It may also have a feature that aggregates and organizes queries and answers them into a knowledge base category. Example: FAQs

What are the Advantages of Help Desk Softwares | 2019 Review

The strong hold of every business or sales company is a strong and powerful Customer Service Relationship. This is exactly what Help Desk software has come to provide. Thus, kindly follow the list below to see the advantages of using Help Desk Software:

For small businesses, help desk softwares solutions can help you take advantage of the modern trends in customer service relationship. Hence, below are some of the advantages of Helpdesk Softwares for small business.

Every customer needs instant and accurate answers. A help desk ticketing software allows you to set up your own Knowledge Base, with FAQs, ‘How to’ articles and more. Thus, your agents can now focus on tickets that really need their attention.

Aside  self-service, Helpdesk Softwares comes with ticketing and automations application  that can further ensure diligent use of your man-power.

Furthermore, the application will automatically give suggestions, sort queries and tag ticket tagging for easy resolution. With the right help desk solution, workload is cut down as many.

Lastly,Some cloud-based helpdesk softwares have a built-in security features, like HIPAA or GDPR. This makes this your customer information secured against spam and online theft. Thus, a good helpdesk software must come with compliant support security.

Major Advantages for Enterprise or Large Business

Artificial Intelligence Systems:  When you have a big business or run large operations, then there are higher number of customer. Offer times this number really not be effectively attended to by man-power. SO With intuitive chat bots and Artificial Intelligence created by Helpdesk Software, becomes much more easier.

Community Forum: Community forum is a better way to build and maintain a large customer service management system. It id a forum where your customers discusses their questions and ideas with each other. The softwares also allows you to post your announcements, reviews and upgrade in the forum.

What are the Disadvantages of Helpdesk Softwares | 2019 Review

There are certainly no adverse effect of using a helpdesk customer service management software.
However, the only known disadvantage is the cost associated with buying, running upgrades and maintenance of the software.

For instance, Cloud based Helpdesk Softwares incurs cost over a long period of usage. Also the the software may become temporally or permanently unavailable when there is network connection failure.

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Examples of Top Five Best Rated Helpdesk Softwares

Helpdesk softwares come in many forms. It may be a single software, a Siute or module in a CRM bundle, or an IT service management system for internal support. Whatever one you need, there just to many options to choose from. However, for your convenience, we have selected the top most reted and the leading softwares in this field.
Below are the examples of the Top rated Helpdesk Softwares this 2019.


The Zendesk Helpdesk Software is a Customer service application and a support ticketing system by designed by Zendesk Inc. Zendesk Cloud-based help desk solution is used by more than 200000 companies to improve their customer relationship. It is an is an all-in-one solution to omni-channel customer support software.

Zendesk softwares offers both Free trial and Paid Plan. Use this links here for details.

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Freshdesk is Customer Service Software designed by Freshworks Inc. The software is a cloud-based Omni-channel helpdesk software which puts together customer conversations and queries across channels like email, social media, phone and chat. There are also free trial options and paid plans with Freshdesk Softwares.

Lastly, Freshdesk is used by over 150,000 customers across industries. Some of her top users includes: Bridgestone, HP, Harvard University and DHL.

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Zoho Desk

Zoho Helpdesk Software allows you to start with a Free plan and switch to paid plan easily as you grow.
The softwares helps you to take your Customer Service to the Next level. It is fully Customisable, it comes with Phone, Chat, Mail, Social, Reports, Dashboards and a Powerful Ticketing system.

All you need is the right Helpdesk Software. Zoho has this to offer.

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Kayako Helpdesk

Kayako is a customer service software company that is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company builds and designs customer service and help desk software which businesses use to engage, speak and support their customers. As well providing exceptional customer service in many languages across live chat, email, social medias.

Finally, Kayako Helpdesk Solutions has both free and paid plans.

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Snap Engage

The snap Engage Helpdesk is specifically designed to Increase customer satisfaction and retain more customers. The software gives your customers the exceptional experiences they deserve.

Finally, with Snap Engage’s sales solutions, companies and business can engage and boost customer satisfaction and lower cost-per-interaction.

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The Help Desk Solutions crafted by HappyFox is one of the world’s most flexible customer service Solutions and Live Chat software built help in customer service relation.

Furthermore, HappyFox is a help desk ticketing system that is hosted on cloud, supporting multiple customer support channels like email, voice and live chat etc.
The Helpdesk software by Happyfox has both free and Plan Plan.

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Salesforce Essential & Service Cloud

Salesforce Essentials is one of the best helpdesk softwares and tool for small business. The software lets you start your CRM instantly with easy setup, sell smarter and faster. Hence, providing a standout support to your customers.

The Salesforce Service Cloud on the other hand is built and designed for larger business or enterprise. It is actually refereed to as the number customer service App.

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Lastly, Salesforce is trusted by companies of any size, in every industry, including Telsu, Aldo, Sun Life Financial and Vidyard. etc.

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Finally, thank you so much for reading this article today on Best Help Desk Softwares for big & small business. Hope it was helpful?

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