DaVita offers a webmail and employee login portal for their associates and persons using their services. It is an internal management platform used by DaVita employees to log into their account. The purpose of this article shall be to teach you the following:

  • The Account Log in process of Davita Account
  • How to Troubleshoot Davita Account Issues and Lots more

About Davita Inc.

DaVita Inc is one of the biggest kidney care companies in the United States, with corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Furthermore, Before you will be able to access the Davita Account, you must be a an employee of DaVita Inc. This means that the Account is limited to employees of Davita.com. So you should be aware that the DaVita Intranet contains proprietary company information. Hence, unauthorized entry may be a violation of state or federal law.

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Step to Step Guide of DaVita Webmail Account Login

To access your Davita Account, you will need to follow the guides below. It is quite simple yet complicated if you are not given a good guide. To get started, kindly follow the process below:

1. Step One

    1. Go to the DaVita webmail login page.

2. Step Two

      1. You see a login box where you will provide the following details:
        • Your username in the first field.
        • Your password in the second field.

3. Step Three

  • Finally, Click the orange Sign in button to access your DaVita webmail Account.

Davita LoginYes it is that simple!!!

How to Download and Use the DaVita Connect App | Webmail Login

Davita Connect App offers you the opportunity to connect with your follow care team. It will also help you access your Account details and lot more. So, communicating with your care team through secure messages and HIPAA-compliant video chat has become possible.  Lastly, with the Davita Care Connect you will be able to manage your dialysis through reminders and educational materials.

To learn How to Download and Use the Davita App, please kindly follow the guides below:

Step One

      • If you are using an Android Phone, kindly go to your Google Play and Download the Davita Connect App
      • If you are Using an Apple Phone, then go to your iTune store and download the Davita Connect App

Step Two

After downloading the App, then lunch and open the Application: After that you see the Login box where you will enter your Login details like:

      • Your username in the first field
      • Your password in the second field

Step Three

      • Finally Tap the Login button to complete the Account sign in process.

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How to Troubleshoot DaVita Webmail Account Log in

There are some common issues associated Davita Webmail and employee log in. Some of these issues are:

      • Lost of Davita Account Password
      • Lost of Davita Account Username

If you have lost or forgotten the above details, please kindly follow the guides below to reset and recover your details.

How to Reset or Recover Your Account Password:

  1. Go to the Official DaVita employee webmail log in homepage.
  2. Scroll down and Click on the “Need help” button. Once you do that you will be taken to a page where you will select the “Forgot Password” Option
  3. Account RecoveryEnter your Davita Account Username in the field as shown below and click on next.
    Finally, you will taken to another page where you will follow the reset of the guides to recover your account.

Davita Login

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How to Reset or Recover Your Account Username:

If it is your Account username that you forgot, you may use the means below to recover your username. Kindly follow the guides below:

  1. Visit the DaVita employee webmail log in page.
  2. Click on “Need help.
  3. You will be taken to a page like the one above where you will select the  “Forgot Username.” option
  4. You will also be redirected to another page for you to provide the following details:
      • Last name,
      • Date of birth, and
      • Your last 4 digits of your SSN.
  5. Finally click on the Next button to follow the rest of the guides to complete your Account username recovery.
Davita Username Recovery
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