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Meaning of Disability Insurance?

Disability or Incapacity insurance is a sort of insurance that will give salary in the event that a specialist can’t do their work and win cash because of a handicap. There are numerous sorts of Insurance companies that give various kinds of incapacity insurance policy.

Note that any of these and inability insurance company has set of rules helps them to determine what constitute disability. They also come up with how an individual may meet all requirements to get the incapacity advantage. This fundamental insurance is a key social justice idea.

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What are the Types of Disability Insurance

Below are the categories of  Disability insurance coverage:

  1. Short term disability insurance. Short term insurance policy  policies is the kind that offers worker a portion of their salary if they are unable to work for a short period. This is usually fixed for a period of three to six months.
  2. Long term disability insurance. Long term insurance has to do with offering a worker a portion of their salary if they are unable to work for a longer period. The period may extend above a period of over six months.

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You should note that both short term and long term disability policies comes with a period called elimination period.
It is in this period that If a person becomes disabled, they must wait until the elimination period is over before they start receiving benefits. By implication, If they are able to work before the elimination period is over, the person will not receive a benefit.

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Disability Insurance Definition

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