Are you searching for How to Download Spectrum Security Suite? If your answer to the question above is a big yes, ten you search has ended. Here in this article we shall be giving you a complete guide on How get what you need in less than 4 minutes. So stick with us for a while.

By now you must have known that Spectrum or Charter Spectrum is a trade name of Charter Communications. It is with this trade name called Spectrum that Charter communications uses to transact and market cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services throughout the states of America and beyond. Actually, this services started and was first lunched in 2014 as “Spectrum Security Suite”. Just thinking you should know about it though!!!

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Although the world of internet comes with lots of amazing offers, it is still good to know that the Internet is not safe for user. You should as well know that by now. This is an obvious truth supported by Charter an Internet Service Provider (ISP) similar to Time Warner Cable or Comcast and lots more.

Furthermore, because of the obvious reality, Charter Spectrum has developed suites to make your Home a spectrum home with Internet, TV and Voice secured.

In order to ensure this, Spectrum have included free computer-protection software, the Charter Spectrum Security Suite to help make the internet safe for her users.

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What are the Components of the Charter Spectrum Security Suites

If you are wodering about the components of the Charter Security Suite, then it glad to know about this. The Charter Spectrum Security Suites provides internet and computer security services like:

  • Firewall
  • Anti-virus
  • Built in VPN
  • Anti-spyware and
  • Anti-phishing tools. etc

The security suite also automatically updates itself.  Most importantly, if you uses any of the products of Spectrum, it is my humble advice that as a customer of Charter Communication, you should quickly Download and install the Charter Security Suite to keep your PC and Home protected.

download spectrum security suite

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How to Download  Spectrum Security Suite.

The purpose of this article here is aimed at teaching internet users how to download or install Spectrum Security Suite. So if you are set to begin, Kindly follow the steps below. However, note that this step is for customers of charter communications.

  1. Go to the Charter Spectrum Official Login Page
  2. The Login page will be reloaded for you to enter your login credentials like:
      • Your Username and Password.
  3. When you are logged into your Portal, Click on the “Internet Services & Tools tab
  4. Select the Charter Spectrum Security Suite” link and then the “Activate” link
  5. Then Click “Save” in the confirmation pop-up window.
  6. After that, go to local disk (Hard Drive) and choose where you want to save the setup file then click “Save” again.
  7. Thereafter double click the saved file to begin installation process. All you now need to do is to follow the step-by-step prompts of the installation wizard to install the Charter Security Suite.
  8. Finally, when you are done with installation, kindly Restart your computer when prompted.

Download Spectrum Security Suite

In case you need help with the above process, you may decided to click on the Go To Assist link. You can also decide to Contact Charter Spectrum Suite Customer Services for help.

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This is where we are going to end it today. Hope you found this article helpful?

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