Do you know that over 500 million persons downloads and uses the MX Player  App on their Android device. Although The App runs on Ads but these ads a designed in such a way that they do not disturb your enjoyment of the App. Let us get started with How to Download MX Player App for PC for Free.

The MX Player comes with a powerful gesture and pinch support to scroll and zoom contents. The features offered and controls offered also make the MX Player a must-have App for Mobile device. It is really the king of Player.

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MX Player for Windows and Mac Operating System

Although, the MX Player App was not available for PC, However, the much demand for it created a room for it. The App is one of the widely demanded software apps for Windows and Mac now. The truth is that the developers of the App, ( That is J2 Interactive) are yet to build a PC version of the app. Surprisingly, the many people including me still have this App running in our PC. What then is the trick. How is it possible.

The answer is right here in this article. I never thought it was possible until i started to use it myself. In this article,  I shall be teaching you the best and most reliable method to run the MX player app on Windows an Mac PC for free.

But before we continue, let us give you small features of this App so you will know what you are expecting.

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What are the Features of the  MX Player

This is just but a few. There are lot more you can do with this App. In fact, you can customize it to your choice and test.

Note: How well the App may work on your PC largely depends of your Device Specification. These includes: its power, RAM, processing power and playback support. Remember also that High-quality videos (4K) cannot be played on Android with low specifications but a PC could handle the 4K format very well on the MX Player.

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Steps to Download and Install MX Player on your PC

Here are Simple Steps to Install and Use MX Player on Windows and Mac PC.

  1. Download Emulator on your PC. (Listed Below) It is the emulator that will help you run the App on your PC
  2. Login to your  G-mail Account
  3. The next step is to open the Play Store in the Emulator App.
  4. Then Download and Install the MX Player on your PC
  5. Open the App, and give any necessary permissions if prompted on screen.
  6. The App will automatically scan all the video file formats available on the PC. Done!

Note: You can also download and install the App outside play store as an APK file on the emulators. Then you will follow the above steps to install it.

What then is an Emulator? – Download MX Player App for PC for free

To be be able to use the Emulator, its good to know what it means. An emulator is a software that allows a PC to act like a different computer system. So, this means that the Emulator allows you to run Andriod Applications on Windows or Mac PC.

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How to Install MX Player on Windows and Mac PC with Nox Player.

To be able to use the Nox Player to Install MX Player on Windows and Mac PC, below are the minimum System Requirement.

How Good is the Nox Player?

The Nox Player is actually one of the most popular Android Emulator for Windows and Mac PC. However, you should know that the Emulator is developed for the only purpose of playing games and Apps. This makes it suitable for handling High FPS and GPU Consuming Apps without any difficulties.

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The best deal is that it requires very little system requirements to run the Nox Player on PC. Also the Nox player has a very good user friendly interface.

Simple Guides on How to Install MX Player on PC with Nox Player?

Kindly follow the steps below to learn how to download MX Player on PC with Nox.

  1. Proceed to the official website of Nox Player @
  2. Then Download and Install the file on your Windows or Mac PC. (Please make sure to use the Basic Installation Steps). See Image below for more guides:Download MX Player App for PC












3. Then select the Emulator for initial setup. As soon as you do this, the Nox Player will automatically make your PC to start functioning like an Android Device.Install_MX_Player_on_Nox

4. Where you already have the MX Player APK on your PC, then simply  drag it to the Nox interface to start installation. You can also choose to to install or download the App from Play Store etc.

5. Lastly, the moment you have successfully installed the Application, then you can start using the MX Player to watch videos on your Windows and Mac Pc.

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Below are other Good and Popular Emulators for PC

Click here to download the MEmuplay Emulator 

Click here to Download the  Bluestacks Emularor.

What are other Alternative to MX Player App | Download MX Player App for PC for free

We are pleased to introduce to you the VLC Media Player. It is one of the most popular open-source video and audio player which supports all the formats. With the VLC Media Player, you can easily stream videos online on URL servers.

Furthermore, the media player also has audio play support with sound equalizer. The best deal with the VLC Media Player is that it does not display Ads at all and it is completely free

Lastly, you don’t need an emulator to download the Vlc Media Player on your Windows and Mac PC. This is actually a good alternative.

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Finally, I wish to thank you for reading my article on Download MX Player App for PC for free | Download for Windows and Mac Os.

Hope it was helpful.

However, if you have any contributions or comment to make, please make use of the comment box below.


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