The New Facebook dating has witnessed over 200 million people listing themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook. Lets Learn more about the Facebook’s Dating App Feature & How Facebook Dating Site Work.

According to Nathan Sharp, who is the product manager for the dating feature, he stated that the purpos of the dating feature is to help you “start meaningful relationships through things you have in common, like interests, events and groups.”

However, note that the Facebook Dating is a feature within Facebook’s main app rather than a separate application release. This means that no seperate App was built and named as the Dating App.

He also considered the feature as “An incredible opportunity to continue helping people build relationships in meaningful ways on Facebook.”

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Facebook DatingFurthermore,  As at the time of writing this Article, the Date Feature of Facebook is only available in about 20 locations which includes:

However, the year 2020, Facebook has promised to lunch and make the feature avaliable across Europe and beyond.

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Why is it Called a Dating Features and Not an App.

If you observe carefully, you will discover that it is Called a Dating Feature instead of an App. This is because Facebook just added a Dating Feature into their App. The Facebook Date simply users the original Facebook platforms to float their Facebook’s Dating.

One of the feature is that the It duplicates your Facebook profile but removes your existing relationship status, meaning, like any Dating Appplication, you could easily join without your partner knowing.

Also, the feature doesn’t match you with any of your existing Facebook friends. This is a good measure to make your partner not to catch you in case you decide to cheap. Lolz.

More so, the Facebook Dating’s FAQ page stated thus;

“Your current Facebook friends will never be suggested as matches, and you can choose whether you want friends of your Facebook friends suggested as matches — or if you’d prefer to match with people outside your friends of friends.”

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How Does the Facebook Dating Feature Work

The steps of using the Date Feature of Facebook is very easy. All you need to do is to follow the guides provided in this article.

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How Do I Connect My Existing Facebook Friends to the Date Features of Facebook

Remember that we told you earlier that your Facebook Dating’s will not match you with your original Facebook Friends. However, this is not absolute. There is always a way to includes them.

Note: You can always add your Friends to dating feature. However, the only condition is that you mus decide to include them by yourself. You can always do this by adding up about Nine of their existing Facebook Friends as your Secret Crush to your Dating Profile.

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Thank you for reading this article today on Facebook’s Dating App Feature | How Does Facebook Dating Site Work. Hope it was very helpful to you.

However, in case you have any questions, kindly us the comment box below and let us know.


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