Instagram allows you to create advertising on your post. This is with the view of boosting your profile and brand awareness. Thereby driving traffic to your page . In this article, we shall be showing you the 3 best ways to create Instagram Ads that works.

So if this looks like what you are looking for, then this the blog post for you. Furthermore, we shall be teaching you will sample pictures to help you understand better.

There are three ways to create Instagram ads and they are:

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No 1. Advertising Instagram Post With the Instagram App

Instagram allows users to directly advertise their post and contents from the Instagram App. It is the first means of boasting your brand Identity. However, you must have an Instagram business account, to be able to create promotions with the Instagram app. This will help to boost the visibility of a post on your profile. You have also made a post or designed a content you wish to promote.

How to Do it Tips

1. Decide and select a Post to Promote

Once you decide on the post you want to promote, here is what to do.

See image below for guides:

How to create Instagram Ads












2. Set up the Objective Ad and Configure your Action Button

Instagram is just an awesome place to promote your business. Do you know that Instagram allows to decide from several options of objectives best for your promotion.

For example, you mat decide to choose to promote your brand to target audience who will visit your website, view your profile, get directions to a specific address, or call the phone number listed on your business account. This is awesome. This is why One of my buddy called  Instagram a business made easy platform

See Image below for more guides

create Instagram Ads













See image below for more guides:

create Instagram Ads













See image below for guides:

create Instagram Ads













Note that If you enter a website URL, you can choose from the following action buttons. See image below for more guides.

How to create Instagram Ads

How to create Instagram Ads

3. Define a Target Audience

Instagram Ads

4. Set a Budget and Duration

Like you already know, To place advert or promotion on Instagram requires money. This is called setting of budget.  So in case you want to set the budget and duration for your promotion, Kindly Click on either the default budget or duration.

Create promotion













Note that you may decide to choose a budget for the entire Instagram promotion, or any duration that spends at least $1 of your budget per day. This is just fine. See image below for more guide

Budget and Duration













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I shall be concluding this stage by telling you about the View Insights

Furthermore, If your promotion is approved, the View Insights will immediately collect stats about your promotion within a few hours. It will begin to monitor the engagement rate of your promotion etc.

If you want to see the View Insight,  Kindly click on the post you promoted on your profile.  Then click on the View Insights, to view the insights for your promotion.

See image below for guides.

View Insight












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No 2. Creating Instagram ads for Facebook News Feed Using the Facebook Ads Manager

Kindly follow the guides here to learn how to Create Instagram ads in Facebook Ads Manager

Do you know that you can use your Facebook Page or a connected Instagram account to promote your brand. The best deal is that you don’t need an Instagram account to run ads on Instagram. Facebook Ad manager does this for you in a go.

Small Tips to Consider

  • You may decide to connect to your Instagram account, add to your Business Manager or connect through your Page’s settings.
  • You should create a powerful images images or videos that you’d like to include your ad.
  • Lastly, you must have examined and discovered that Facebook advertising objective  is best suited for the marketing goal you desire.

To begin placing your ads on Instagram using the Facebook Ad manager, please follow these instructions below.

  1. Go to Ads Manager and Select the Create option.
  2. Choose an objective that supports Instagram as an ad placement.
  3. Then Select Continue.
  4. A form will be uploaded for you to fill in the details for your ad setting.
  5. The next step is where you can  edit your ad placements
  6. After this, click on Instagram to have your ads appear on Instagram.
  7. Note that if you chose the the automatic placements, option, your ad will run across a variety of Facebook placements, including Instagram to give you the best value for your ads.
  8. Finally select the continue option to proceed.

Finally, Facebook has updated Ads Manager to include some of the best features of Power Editor so everyone can get the most out of their Facebook and Instagram ads.

So if you want to create an Instagram ad in Ads Manager, Kindly use this link to choose or create ad accounts outside Business Manager. Furthermore, you may use use link to view or create ad accounts inside Business Manager. Lastly, Its best for you. Cheers!!!

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No 3. Create Instagram Stories Ads in Facebook Ads Manager

This is the last way on How to Create Instagram Ads that Works better. So we are going to be as precise as possible yet comprehensive.

The procedure of creating ad for Instagram Stories in Facebook Ads Manager are closely the same with the steps outlined above. However there are some difference and that is what we shall be showing you now.

To create Instagram stories Ads in Facebook Ads Manager, you may decide to choose from the following objectives for the placement of Instagram ads in Stories.Below are the objectives:

Select Placements

If you want your Instagram ads in Stories to do well, you must change from Automatic to Edit Placements. This will help you to select the an Instagram ads from the feed options.

See the Image below for more guides:

Ad placement











Choose an Ad Format

The next step is for you to select the Ad format you want. However, the ad format to choose is dependent on the marketing objective you chose for your campaign.

See image below:

Ads Format








advanced Canvas builder










Where you did not select the Full-screen experience, you will be required to add images or videos that fits the your selected Ad format you select.  Additionally, You will be given a recommendation spec to guide you in building your stories image

Guides on How to Monitor Your Instagram Ad Campaign

After you have created your campaigns and it is approved. It becomes necessary to monitor how well the campaign is doing.  With your Ads Manager Dashboard you can monitor its progress and results of your campaigns.

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Before we drop the pen, its good to know that the Instagram App and its integration with Ads Manager allow you to create Instagram ads with the best results for your advertising budget.

Finally, We wish to thank you for reading our article today on How to Create Instagram Ads that Works better | Learn the 3 Best Ways

Hope you found this article interesting? However, in case you want to make a contribution or ask questions, please do make use of the comment box below.


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