According to Statista, Instagram has a total over 1 billion  monthly active users. This is a number that is fast rising on a daily basics. This is an awesome digital market place for entrepreneurs and their business.You definitely need to take advantage of this platform and plunge your business to the whole world. How to create the best Instagram marketing strategy now.

In this century, if your brand doesn’t have a business profile on Instagram or on other social media platform, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. Note that there are already 25 million business profiles. You may be left out.

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Instagram among other social media platform has become so popular in modem times. It is fast rising and growing in the world wide web. Instagram has taken advantage of its millions of subscribers in developing a marketing plan that is indispensable marketing tool for businesses this days.

Generally, brands want exposure and visibility to thrive. This is obviously because the worlds population is moving to the internet. (Especially the class that needs your services). So with a well set up Instagram marketing plan in place, reaching out to your target audience and engaging them on a regular basis will be a good advantage. After all what is brand without a good sell and social engagements. Below is a stat of the population of Instagram.

Instagram marketing strategyThe statistics above indicates that over 50% of Instagram users are millennials. Thus covering wide population of persons that specifically need your brands. This will improve your productivity in a great deal. I dare you to take advantage of the Instagram Marketing plan Today!!!

Do you want to take advantage of the Instagram Marketing Strategy??? then it’s very important that you should build a strong Instagram marketing foundation. This means that you should view Instagram as a business platform instead of social media platform. ( Think like a business man and not like a social media user ) Most user thinks that posting and sharing attractive photos and images is all that Instagram has to offer. You should have a rethink.

Guides on How to Build Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategy

What is that that will give you an edge above your competitors and also strengthen your brand identity?

The answer lies in your Instagram marketing strategies. Having one will let you create and achieve goals the right way. Thus, improving your brand authority and make more sell and cash. LoLz

Building a good Instagram marketing plan must first start with knowing your prospective customers. ( That is your target audience) After this, you move forward to designing or branding your product to fit your targeted audience.

At this stage, we shall now discuss on How build a good Instagram marketing stratagy that will put your brand above your competitors.

Note: The very way your approach is will definitely determine the kind and categories of persons that will find pleasure in your brand.

#1. Define the Objectives of Your Instagram Marketing Strategy. Why Do I need Instagram Marketing Plan

Any business at all can do well with Instagram marketing. All that is required is that the purpose, objective and reason for marketing my be defined. Unless your know the define your main purpose (ie. what you want), you may not take advantage of Instagram Marketing.

You must first of all ask yourself: What exactly do you want to use Instagram for?

It is our recommendation that You must state the specific goal that you want to achieve with the help of Instagram. This is because your brand needs to have utmost clarity while using Instagram marketing.

This recommendations is applicable to both new businesses on Instagram and also to brands that have been using the platform for some times now. Therefore, to achieve the above recommendations, you should ask yourself.

  1. What specific advantage will Instagram afford compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter?
  2. Can advertising visual content fit into your business brand’s image?
  3. Are the persons you wish reach active users of Instagram. ( That is your target audience)
  4. Can your business brand be relevant to the vast majority of Active Instagram users?
  5. Do you want to use Instagram only for brand awareness or also to generate more sales?
  6. Lastly, If your are using the other social media platforms, does marketing on Instagram go well with them?

Instagram marketing strategy

If you are able to answer the above questions correctly in your own way, then you may have passed the first test.

Whether it is by posting user generated content or product photos, it’s all about aligning your brand with visual content that your audience finds appealing.

Small Tip

Instagram grew to become so popular and so fast because it tapped into the power of mobile per being mostly mobile platform. Most person became fans of Instagram BECAUSE it allows them  capture visuals right in the moment and share them with their followers.

Thus, to strengthen your brand authority, we advice you focus on creating visuals that look more natural and spontaneous. This will help you create a real connection with your followers. Thereafter building brand authority and fastening more sells.

#2. Seat Down a Design an Attractive Content Strategy

To do well on Instagram marketing, you must have a good content strategy. Without one, you may end up wasting resource and time without making any meaningful impact.

Persons surfing Instagram are always looking out for contents that are relevant yet attractive and engaging at the same time. Once you build an Attractive content strategy on Instagram, you will be able to create and reach your own audience on Instagram Marketing Platform. It will also give you a handy insight on how to create visual content that your target audience will appreciate.

For instance, if you decide to study the Instagram Page or particular accounts managed by some big and small brands, you will discover that virtually all the content posted on the page are not of the same size and designs. They post different type of design for different kind of audience.

Note that any image you share on Instagram will make a positive or negative impression on your audience, especially your followers. So figuring out what content you’d be focusing on early on pays off.

Content Creation

To help you get started, below are some types of visual content you can start posting on your Instagram. However, remember that the type you choose depends on both, your objectives and your audience.

With regards to creating a results content on Instagram marketing strategy, it bodes well to concentrate on creating engaging content.  This can be achieved in a great deal with photograph and video content that is focused on your current products.

There’s no advanced science with item engaged content in light of the fact that there is no shrouded motivation. It’s a basic content marketing technique to open your group of spectators to significant products. It’s tied in with utilizing luring pictures of your item to demonstrate where you stand and what makes your item not the same as the rest. This may or not bring about deals, yet it’s an incredible method to expand brand mindfulness.

For instance, Clothing Marketing is a brand that splendidly utilizes Instagram to feature their products and legitimately associate with their targeted audience. This is the sort of business plan that can eventually enable you to improve your business productivity.

If you are a service based company or a software firm that doesn’t sell physical products? How do you then use Instagram to post the right content? This is phase will teach you this.

If you belong to the class above, you may not have a bunch of shiny new products to take pictures of. However, your brand of service can still take advantage of Instagram Marketing Platform. You could decide to do a short but curious slide show of the services you offer or build a display of anything your company culture you have to offer.

The task of Creating culture-focused content is not an easy one at all. (It is not just about taking random pictures around the office) It involves the art of carefully creating visuals that show your audience who you are and what you stand for. It’s just a very effective way to make your brand identity stronger.

#3. Create Your Best Media That Fits Your Product or Service

Instagram is a rich platform that rewards users when they create and posting amazing content. If you decides to create and post Your Best Media That Fits Your Product or Service, You get more engagement, win more followers for your business. If you are creating content strategically, you will see that the response you get on Instagram will be high.

Once the content you created is worthy content,  your target audience will like and share with others. Here are a few tips on how to create a worthy and engaging content.

Instagram comes with good filters to make your media stand out and engaging. But that’s not enough. When we say quality, we’re talking about the quality of the pictures and also the quality of the message it passes.

So although you are taking the image with your iPhone, make sure to maximize the quality and give your followers more than what they are looking for. Note that keeping your audience so engaged on your media is the key to attract the attention of your target audience.

Taking pictures is easy compared to editing them. Although this editing feature comes with Instagram, most users don’t know how to use them. We also advice you make use of other image editing softwares to make your media stand out.

However, this doesn’t suggest you should go overboard with the editing and spoiling your image. Moderation is the key here.

Lastly, make sure toAvoid using fancy filters when you don’t have to. If you find a filter that works great for you, stick to it. This also helps you keep all your images consistent on your account.

Edit your Instagram Image

To make business success,  you must Learn How to Choose a Captions That Makes your Audience Curious.  So when you go about promoting your products with quality photos, make sure to add a call to action to your captions.

Where you fail to take note of leveraging on captions on Instagram, especially when you’re promoting products, you may be leaving many stones upturned.

 Hashtags are very useful in Instagram compared to other social media platforms. This means that  Posting quality content on your Instagram is not enough. You also need to have more and more new people discover it. This can be done by using the Instagram Hashtags so that persons searching using certain relevant hashtags may fine your content.

Small Tip

You must avoid using hashtags that are too popular. This is because your content may get lost in between other similar content. However, product related hashtags and local hashtags work great in helping you get more engagement.

If you are not sure of what hashtags you should use for a post? Then you can try some free online tools such as

All you have to do is to enter a keyword relevant to your post and this tool will give you suggestions you can use. You may also decide to use the Instagram’s search function.

The last tip, is that you should not  overstuff your post with too many hashtags.

How to Use Proper Hashtags for your Product

#4. Do Some Smart Monetization

At first,the reason for this Instagram Marketing Strategy is gain brand awareness and increase sells. This is the time to get some helpful tips.

Note that Social media marketing is not just about increasing brand awareness and boosting follower numbers. As a business strategist, you can actually use Instagram to add to increase sales do some smart monetization.

How to make money on Instagram

The question now is, how do you effective optimize your Instagram account for smart monetization? Kindly follow the details below to learn this.

To add a smart monetization to your product on Instagram, you must learn to use the CTA tool.  Calls-to-Action (CTAs) have the role of directing people into what they should do next. Simply Add a CTA in some of your post captions to let customers know they can book, buy or reserve directly from your Instagram profile.

Kindly Click Here to learn how to How to Add Instagram Action Buttons to Your Business Post on Instagram.

You should know that people buy products on Instagram! However,  if you don’t have a strategy to do this, it maybe difficult for your target audience to purchase your products or services on Instagram.  Giving your audience time-sensitive discounts is a toll to get them to respond to your offers. Another tool is to be running time-bound promotions occasionally to generate interest from them.

#5. Begin your  Advertising to Boast your Content

The is the last stage of our guides and it involves boasting your content through advert. A powerful Instagram marketing strategy definitely includes advertisement. After laying a strong Instagram marketing strategy foundation, then decides to run advert on Instagram. The good thing with this Instagram ad is that it allows you to  reach your target audience in the best possible way. This is just awesome.

Instagram advertising gives you access to tools and audiences that you may not reach by just posting your content on Instagram.

In case you are new to Instagram ads, it would be only natural to be intimidated by their layout and mode of business. However,if you know what you want to achieve,  you can quickly use the Instagram ads to connect with your audience immediately.

If you want to stand out, you must not only depend on organic reach.  if you want your Instagram marketing strategy to perform at its best, then choose to use Instagram Ads. This will help your  to be seen by the right people because you’re paying for the privilege.

Instagram Ads

Things to Note When Using Instagram Ads | Instagram marketing strategy

Finally, If you want a good Instagram marketing plan, you must get the above factors right.

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If you are new to Instagram Adverticing, youcan meet and contact team of specialists in social media marketing at  social media marketing agency. They know the kind of challenges a business may face when working with Instagram. Which is why they will help businesses like yours to create an Instagram marketing strategy that simply works.

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