In this article, we shall be teaching you the very simple trick to make a super email list. So long as you have a website or a blogspot. then you are close to doing getting huge email list. You will certainly learn How to Grow your Email List Fast with Sumo Welcome Mat.

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We also recommend that you should have at least 150 page view a day and the Sumo website tools. We shall also be needing you to have an Account with Sumo. So in case you don’t have an account yet, please create one immediately.

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How to Grow your Email List

Why Do I Need a Super Email List.

Generally, big email list is used for email marketing. However, for person seeking to improve their website or blog traffic.

Sometimes if a visitor visits your blog and left his email address, you can always use his email address to improve your traffic.

How Will I Do This?

Once a person subscribes to your website, WordPress or Blogspot automatically send to such a person all the new posts you have published. This is just a means of bringing them back to your website. In so doing, you wouldn’t loose your old visitors because your site.

So its like multiplying traffic by keeping old visitors engaged and getting new visitors. And the new visitors then become your email list subscriber and old visitor is already in list.

At the stage of this article, we wish to inform you that we shall be showing you how to build and grow a huge email list with the Sumo Welcome Mat.

See Also: How to build an email list fast | How to get +1000 subscribers in 30 days

How to Grow your Email List with Sumo Welcome Mat:

There are some steps to follow before you will learn this. Kindly follow the steps and guides below carefully to learn.

How to Grow your Email ListNote that you must first have an Account with Sumo Welcome Mat. If you dont have an Account, follow this link to here how to create an Account with Sumo Welcome Mat.

Step 1: Go to sumo tools and login to your account, if you don’t have one, try to create one.

Step 2:  If it’s your first time of using the Sumo tool then click on the Add New Site.

Step 3: If you are not new to Sumo tools then click on the Manage your excising site.

Step 4:  Then Click on Forms in the menu on left side and choose List builder.

Step 5: The next step is to click on Create New Form.

Step 6: This is the stage where you will Your Goal.

Step 7:  Kindly click on the Set My Goal as Collect Emails.

Step 8: Then you will the form type. Kindly Select the Welcome Mat as email collector(Form type).

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Step 9: The next stage is to Choose the design from list. This is just how you want it to appear.

Step 10: At this stage, you will be required to Choose your visibility Mode:

There are basically, tow visibility mode and they are:

      • Smart Mode and
      • Manual Mode
  1. The Smart Mode: Here, Sumo will determine where the Welcome mat will be displayed. It will also choose the right and convenient time when your will appear to your page visitors.
  2. The Manual Mode: The Manual mode leaves everything to your control. You will be the one to determine where and when your welcome mat shows. For instance, in case you decide to show your welcome to all your visitor, then leave the default settings. However, where your desire is to only show the welcome mat to a visitor for sometimes then select the Always show to desired option and enter the time in which you want welcome mat to show.
  • Note: You can restrict users from scrolling your pages when the welcome mat is displayed. All you have to do is to switch on Toggle on

Step 12: After the above procedure, you will be notified with the Success option. Kindly leave it.

Step 13: The next step is to connect your welcome mat to a Email service. The purpose is to help you collect emails and send it to your Email service which you use to send emails to visitors.

      • There aremany good email services, choose one which you use and connect it to your welcome mat.

Step 14: Finally, Click on Publish button to complete your work.

Like I stated above, there are some good email service providers out there. Thus, if you are using feedburner, there is no need to connect to any email service. This is because all collected emails will be saved in your sumo account in subscribers section.

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As for me, I personally use Mailchimp to send emails to persons who subscribes to my website. The advantage is that it is very good and easy to control and use. It actually gives you enough controls.  Mailchimp also helps you to know which subscriber is active.

Conclusion on Sumo Email Collection Tool

At this last phase, you should know that Sumo offers a free email collector tools. Some of these tools are:

How to Grow your Email List

  • Popups,
  • slide outs,
  • Welcome mats,
  • Sumo scrolling bar,
  • Inline form and
  • Cart casino(Pro users only).

Note: All you need to do is to select Goal as collect emails and choose the form type and follow instructions as show above.

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Finally, thank you for reading our article today on How to Grow your Email List very Fast with Sumo Welcome Mat.

Hope it was helpful. However, if you have questions or contributions, please make use of the comment box below.

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