Do you know you can install Windows Operating System on your Mac PC? So numerous people i know things it is not possible to run a particular operation system on another platform. Including computer literates and technicians thinks so. Learn how to install windows on mac today with Boot Camp Manger.

However, it is good to know that nothing is impossible in the world of computer. For instance, most of the things you taught weren’t possible 10 years ago are now happening before your very eyes.

I tell you today that it is very possible to run Windows operating in your Mac PC. In fact you will see the practicals today. All you need to do is to follow me carefully.

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How can I Run and Install Windows Operating System on My Mac PC

If you want an answer to the above question, i will start by telling you about a software called the Boot Camp.

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and lets you switch between mac OS and Windows Operating system. This Application Software is carefully built into all the operating system of Mac PC.

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How to Install Windows on MacHow Can I find the Boot Camp

To locate the book camp Application of your Mac PC, Kindly follow the guides below.

  • Go to your Applications & Utilities folder
  • You’ll see the Boot Camp Assistant app.
  • By default, it creates the separate partition on your hard drive for installing and running Windows.
  • So if a Windows Operating System is installed in Boot Camp, each, You will be asked to choose the operating system you want to run each time you own your Mac PC.
  • This means that in order to switch from macOS to Windows, you need to reboot your computer.

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What Do I need to Install Window on Boot Camp | System Requirements

Before you begin to install Windows Operating system on your Mac PC, there are some things you need to do first. I mean there are some basic requirements you need. So these requirements are what we are going to be showing you here.


The requirements you will need to Install Windows on Mac. are as follows:

  1. You must have an Intel-based on Mac (2007 or later) with the current updates from Mac OS
  2. You must also have a  Microsoft Windows ISO image file with the license key.
  3. An Empty USB flash drive (This is what you will use to install the OS).
  4. You should also try and Free up to 60 GB space on your HDD before installation.
  5. Lastly, you should make sure that your Boot Camp is working properly.

Extra Tips on Requirements

Before you start installation, You should makes sure that your Mac PC is compatible with the version of Windows you want to install. Below are are some Models of Mac PC that are supported for Windows 10 Operating system.

  • The MacBook (2015 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 and later)
  • The MacBook Air (2012 and later)
  • iMac (2012 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2012 and later)

These are models of Mac PC that are compatible with Window 10 Operating system.

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The Step to Step Guides on How To Install Windows Os On Mac

All you need to do is to carefully follow the guides below and do all i shall show you here. This will help you get it right.

  1. Get to the Windows Store and purchase the window you wish to install on Mac.
  2. You will also need to download a tool to create a Windows 10 disk image. You may also choose to buy a Windows 10 flash drive . This will be shipped to you by Microsoft.
  3. The next step is to open Boot Camp. To do this, simply select the Utilities folder from your Mac’s application list and open Boot Camp Assistant
  4. You will quickly receive a notification to back up your data. We greately recommend you do so though its optional.
  5. Then Click Continue to move to the next action screen.
  6. Before now, you must have placed your Windows Os where you Boot Camp can  access it.
  7. So Boot Camp Assistant will copy your desired Windows operating system installation files from either an ISO file, or a physical disc, onto the plugged in USB drive.
  8. Simply choose the location of the ISO file and its intended destination (the USB drive) and click Continue.
  9. Then next step is to Create a Partition for Windows and set aside 55 GB for the latest Windows 10.
  10. When you are done with creating the partition, then Boot Camp Assistant will  asks you to begin installing the Windows operating system.
  11. To complete this, you will have to follow some on-screen prompts like: The installer may asks the particular partition you wish to install the Windows operating system on.
  12. Kindly choose the partition labeled BOOTCAMP and click on Format.
  13. Lastly, carefully follow the rest of the guides and propmt notifications that will come once in a while to complete the installation. It normally would not take more than 40 minutes.
  14. Once you are done, kindly restart your PC.

Yes it is that simple and easy because Mac has creating a Boot Camp to help you with this process.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Boot Camp Manager to Install Windows OS on Mac PC

A. What are the Advantages

  • The Boot camp is already built into your Mac operating system
  • The Boot camp is very easy to use. This is because the Boot Camp Assistant will guides you throughout the installation process.
  • The Boot camp does not labour of puts much strain on your Mac’s memory and processing power
  • Also the Boot Camp Manager is completely free (not Windows of course)
    easy to update

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B. What are the Disadvantages

  • You will regularly need to to reboot your computer each time you want to switch between the Operating systems. Maybe from Mac to Window Os or Vice-Visa
  • It not always easy to transfer data from one Operating Systems to the other.

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Thank you so much for reading our article today on How to Install Windows on Mac PC. Remember that we taught you this using the Mac Boot Camp Manager.

We are certainly convinced that this article was very helpful. Hope you enjoyed it.

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