Are you wondering How to withdraw payments from Propeller Ads using Payoneer? If that’s your questions, then this article is designed for you. To help you achieve this, we shall be giving some pictures to better give you a view of how the doing looks like. Learn How to withdraw from propeller Ads to Payoneer today.

You are right in the best play to get your questions solved with practical guide. For your information, am not just writing an article because i know how to write one or that i need to write one. As at today am using propeller and i have been getting payments and withdrawing from propeller every now and then. So am just giving you the best way to securely withdraw from propeller using Payoneer.

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How to Withdraw Payments from Propeller Ads using Payoneer |

If you wish to use Payoneer to receive payments form Propeller Ads,  you must first sign up or create a Payoneer account. Where you already have an existing Payoneer Account, then you will have to link your existing Payoneer Account to Propeller Ads account.

There are basically two payment options that are available for Propeller Ads from Payoneer and they are:

  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®  and
  • Payoneer Global Bank Transfer.

This means you can choose to withdraw earnings via either Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® or Payoneer Global Bank Transfer.

Payoneer Prepaid Card Payment

If decides to register for the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®, it will allow to transfer your earnings directly to your MasterCard. Once you do this, you can use the card anywhere MasterCard® is accepted, including ATMs.

Note: That the moment you register for Payoneer MasterCard, your card will be sent to you through mail.

Payoneer Global Bank Transfer

Basically, the Payoneer Global Bank Transfer service allows you to receive your earnings directly to your local bank account. (Existing National Bank Account).

Like the name applies, it a global means of receiving money through transfers directly to you bank account.

So, if you decides to use the Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, be rest assured of good delivery. This is because this option is available to more than 200 countries and currently more than 50 currencies. Therefore, all you need is to provide your country and the system will automatically route to see if your country works with the.

Lastly, It actually costs between $3.00 or $15.00 per transfer. However, this to a large extent is dependent on the your local bank account country and currency conversion changes.

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How to Set Up Your Payment in Propeller Ads Account Dashboard

At this stage, we shall be showing you the step to step guides to set up your payment immediately. So kindly follow the guides below to learn the most secured yet easy way on How to withdraw from propeller Ads to Payoneer.

Propeller Ads Payment

Propeller Ads Payment

Propeller Payment Method

Propeller Ads PaymentAfter selecting the payment method, Propeller Ads will send an email link to you. This is to help you confirm whether or not you have authorized the action.

  • After this, Wait 2-3 minutes while the server processes your request and generates your personal link. You can leave the page, and your link will appear as soon as the request is processed.



Propeller payments

Click on the underline link. This will immediately take you to Payoneer login page.

Kindly login to your propeller account and follow the rest guides. You may also decide to connect propeller to your existing Payonner Account or to create a new one.

Just follow the rest of the guides to finally set up your payment plan. It will be easy from here.

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