Instagram is actually the most popular photo and clip video sharing social network today. Arguable, there is no other platform that gives room to share photo with such enthusiasm. All this can be done from the very comfort of your home with just your smartphone. Learn Instagram alternative app | How to share your photos without trace.

With Instagram, the whole world, family and friends will be able to view the share pictures of their daily lives.

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Prior before now, Instagram was only available in their application platform but now, Instagram has developed a web application platform for persons to access Instagram on their Desktop or Laptop PC. For now, Instagram is at the top of the list for companies and influencers in terms of interactions. However, note that Instagram has been accused of not respecting the privacy, security, and rights of its users.

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Instagram Alternative App | How to share your photos without trace

1. Pixelfed – Federated Image Sharing

PixelFed PixelFed is an activitypub based image sharing platform. It is a federated image sharing software though under development. The user interface of Pixelfed is almost the same with that of Instagram. However, Pixelfed has not developed the mobile application platform yet. This means that their platform is web based.

What will Interest You About PixelFed ?

In addition to being similiar to Instagram and virtually taking the functionalities of Instagram, belling are some of the features of Pixelfed that may interest you.

See the details in the image below:

Instagram alternative appThis is free and ethical photo sharing platform. Cheers!!!

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2. VSCO – Create, Discover, and Connect

VSCO, formerly known as VSCO Cam, is a photography mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The VSCO app as designed by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them, using preset filters and editing tools.

Just like Instagram. VSCO is developed to with the idea of a community that allows members to post photos with captions and hashtags.t also allows you to  search other users’ photos and journals (sets of photos), discover photos suggested by Ava (VSCO’s AI software), and send messages to other photographers.

See Image below:

Become Visco Member Lastly, The VSCO is designed to supports JPEG and, notably, RAW images so you can use the full potential of your smartphone’s camera.

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3. Ello | The Creators Network.

Ello is an online social networking service built in March 2014 as an ad-free alternative to existing social networks. It is a powerful Creators Network. It is called a a community to discover, discuss, publish and share things you are passionate about.

Ello is simply an artistic spheres and an effective curation tool for lovers of art. So if you love art, then Ello is the best platform for you.

See the image below:

Ello the creator networkLastly, Ello also offers companies and individual creators the opportunity to sell their work directly on the platform and there are also some interviews with artists and photographers. This is a good Instagram alternative app.

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4. Flickr: Find your inspiration

Fickr is a platform to find your inspiration. It has a Flickr community and a home of tens of billions of photos and 2 million group. The flickr is a platform developed by Yahoo as a photo and video online storage sharing service. The service offers a free storage space of 1000GB, more than enough to save your personal photo library.

See image below:

Flickr by yahooAbove all, Flickr is built with an intelligent search tool that has the ability to recognize image. This is a feature that allows you to quickly find pictures of beaches, animals, or specific places.

The last but not the least is that Flickr is also designed for sharing photos either publicly or with friends. The coverage is simply unbeatable as an Instagram alternative.

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5. 500px Discover and share the world’s best photos

500px is a Chinese-owned photo sharing service based in Toronto, Canada. It is an online platform for photographers to gain global exposure, test their work, and earn money through licensing and brand partnership opportunities.

For some times now,  500px photo service has been so competitive to Flickr and other photo sharing platforms.

See the image below:

500px photo discoverLastly, the moment you register for 500px, you will have an empty feed page. To build your feed page, you will need to like the content you enjoy to personalize it and create your universe.

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6. EyeEm – Your source for outstanding imagery

EyeEm is platform that connects over 22 million photographers with the world’s leading brands. With the platfrom, you can source authentic imagery and videos – developed by world-leading AI technology.

The EyeEm is an image sharing application built for both iOS and Android users. It gives users the opportunity to take pictures. The platform allows you to edit photos them with filters and frames before sharing to the public, friends, website or on other social networks.

EyeEm Instagram alternative appLastly, eyeEm also provides some services like photo tag system, seasonal contests to keep the community going. This is just a brief tip

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You should know that the list of Instagram alternative application  are non-exhaustive.

This is because there are many other applications to mention like Tumblr, Vero Wisaw, Piwigo and MediaGoblin etc.

Thank you so much for reading this article today on Instagram alternative app | How to share your photos without trace. Hope you enjoyed it.

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