Mayo Clinic Patient Online Services is health care concept developed at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. It primary purpose is to enhance relationships with primary care patients. Today this service has grown and spread across the United states of America.
Mayo Clinic provides the highest quality patient care by placing the needs of the patient first. That is why it has become so popular throughout the states of Us.

In this article, our aim is to discuss the the different Online Services offered by Mayo Clinic to her Patients.

For easy access, Mayo Clinic has developed a patient portal called the This where you can access all the services you need as a patients.

So let us get started by discussing the various services you can access on the portal and how you can as well process the services.

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What are the Kinds of Online Services Available for Patients

There are basically four Primary Patient Online Services that is available from the Mayo Portal. Let us take a lot at some of the services here.

  1. See your Medical Records and Results: This will be available to you soon after your visit.
  2. Schedule and Manage your Appointments with Updated Schedules and Instructions.
  3. Review What your Doctor Told You with the help of the Convenient Online Clinical Notes.
  4. Use Mayo Clinic Express Care Online:The Mayo Clinic Express Care Online allows you to receive treatment for 14 common issues.

The above all the basic online services that are offered by the Mayo Clinic. However, you should not be confused when you hear about the Mayo Clinic Online Patient Online. The above services are the things that a patient can do when he has created a Patient Account and eventually logs into his Account. In case you don’t have an Account yet, you can read my Ultimate guides on How to sign up for Mayo Patient Account immediately.

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What are Specialties, Services & Treatments offered by Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic provide a full range of family care and more than 40 specialty and sub-specialty health care services for patients in our service area. So in case you want to Explore specialized care or select a particular service to learn more, then follow the guides below:

  • Go to the official Homepage of Mayo Clinic Services @
  • Click on the Find a Service Link which is at the top most left hand corner of the homepage
  • You will be redirected to another page which a full list of the specilizations and treatments offered by Mayo clinic. Enjoy

Mayo Clinic Patient online

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How to Request an Appointment with Mayo Clinic Patient Portal

You should note that Mayo Clinic have a number of options to contact them or request an appointment. These methods includes the following:

To request for an appointment through choosing a location and calling their appointment number, you will need to follow the steps below

See the image below for more guides:

Mayo Clinic Online ServicesThat will be all on How to request for an Appointment. Also, if you want to request for an appointment via your patient Account, you will then need to Login into your Account.

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How to Contact Contact Mayo Clinic Online Support

Do you have a question about the Mayo Clinic services or another topic?, below are how you can easily contact them.

How Do I Call or Visit the Mayo Clinic

As at today, Mayo Clinic have more than 60 locations in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can easily get phone numbers, addresses, maps and directions nearest to you. To do this, you will have to use the Mayo Clinic Location Finder.

How Do I Stay in Touch With Mayo Clinic

There are obvious reasons to stay in touch with Mayo Clinic. So If you would want to, then follow you can just click on any of the social media platform of your choice below. You can also decide to watch Mayo Clinic on YouTube or visit their blog to be connected with them.

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