Rocket Mortgage Login is a service design by Quicken Loans. According to National Mortgage Statistics and News, Quicken Loans is the largest online mortgage lender in the the city of Detroit Michigan. Actually it is the leading and one of the America’s Largest Mortgage Lender.

According to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Quicken Loans In 2015 grew to the total Loan volume as $74,636,124,000. This is to show you the extant the company has grown.

Furthermore, this article about Rocket Mortgage Login is designed to teach you the following things:

  • Steps to Login to your Rocket Mortgage Account
  • How to contact their Customer Care
  • How to Reset your lost password, username
  • At the end, you must have also learnt few things about rocket mortgage login.

Therefore, if this looks like what you are looking for, then kindly following carefully. So in just less than 10 minutes, you must have learnt all the above.

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If you have created an account with Rocket mortgage, then it is easy to teach you how to make your login. To get started please follow the steps below:

  • Open your Browser and visit the offical website of Rocket mortgage  @
  • At the homepage of the website, click on the Sign in Button at the top right hand corner of the homepage.
  • This will take you to the Login Page immediately.
  • Kindly Enter your Username which may be your email address in the first Field provided
  • Enter your password in the second field provided and finally Click on Sign in Button to continue

Note: The moment you correctly enter login details like Username and Password, you will be taken to your account portal.

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How Can I Log into Rocket Mortgage App with my Apple or Android Device.

Do you know that Rocket Mortgage has developed a mobile Application for their service. This is a great move towards the convenience of their customers.

At this stage of this article, we shall be showing you how to use the mobile app and log into your account.

So, to learn how to download and Login with your Mobile device, please follow the guides and steps here.

  • If you are using and Android Phone, then go to Google Play Store and search for the Rocket Mortgage App to download it.
  • If you are using an iOS device, kindly go to Apple Store and download the Rocket Mortgage App
  • Download and Install the on your device
  • After downloading the Rocket Mortgage App, kindly launch the Application.
  • Enter your Username and your Password in the fields provided.
  • Then Click the Login Button to continue

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Step to Step Guides to Reset or Recover Your lost Rocket Mortgage Log in Password

This stage of this article, will teach you how to recover your Rocket Mortgage Account Details.

This is specifically for persons who are having issues with their account login. Thus, If you are having problem signing to your account maybe you lost your password or username please kindly follow the steps below to reset them immediately.

  • Visit the Log in Page of Rocket Mortgage.
  • Click on the Forgot Password? Link and you will be redirected to password reset page.
  • At the password reset page, You will be required to provided your username which is your email address. This is where your password reset link shall be sent.
  • After this, Click the “Submit” Button to Continue.
  • Go to your email Address and follow the guides to recover your password.

See the image below for guides:

Rocket Mortgage Paasword reset

Please contact rocket mortgage support team if you need additional help.

Step to Step Guides to Reset or Recover Your lost Rocket Mortgage Log in Username

If you did not enter the right user name, you will definitely not be able to access your account. Therefore, If you have forgotten your username, kindly follow this step to recover it immediately.

  • In the Rocket Mortgage Login page click on Forgot your username? Link
  • You will be redirected you username reset page.
  • You will have to enter your email address which is associated with the Account.
  • That is where you will receive an email that contains your username.
  • Finally, Click the “Send My Username” Button to continue.
  • After this, Open your Mail to receive your Username.

Rocket Mortgage Username reset












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How To Contact Rocket Mortgage Customer Care Support Center

You certainly have every reason to contact the customer service of Rocket Mortgage. You might run into same problems when using your account and you may decide to contact their customer service department.


  • You may want to send a message directly to the Rocket Mortgage Support Team. To do this, kindly send message directly to Rocket Mortgage @
  • You want to speak to a representative of Rocket Mortgage. To do this, kindly call (800) 671-1544 to speak with their customer rep immediately.

Rocket Mortgage Login













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